Nov 04

Two virgins and inflatable dolls.

Two really plastered 40 year old Virgins walked into a whore house. They really wanted to get some booty and asked the madam for two hookers. The madam of the house asked them to take a seat and have a drink while she arranged their requests. She thought to herself that these men were so wasted that it didn’t matter what type of women they used. She collected two inflatable dolls and put one in e…ach of the two rooms. The two men were then immediately escorted to their rooms for the night. The next day while they were leaving one man says to the other “last night was the worst time ever! I just laid there all night waiting for the girl to make her move and she never did!” The other man said to his friend”that’s nothing, my woman was a witch! I leaned over to give her a love bite on her neck and she farted then flew out the window!


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