Apr 17

The Piano Player


One day at school, the teacher was talking to the class

about there parent’s occupations.

Jane put up her hand and said, “My mother is a nurse”.

The teacher said, “That’s wonderful, she helps to cure sick


Andrew then out up his hand. “My father is a pilot,” he


The teacher said, “Congratulations! Your father helps people

get to where they are going.”

Johnny then said, “Miss, my father plays the piano in a


The teacher quickly changed the topic, but kept it in her

head for later reference.

At the parent/teacher night a month later Johnny’s parents

came to see the teacher and the teacher asked him if he

really was a piano player in a brothel.

Johnny’s father replied that he wasn’t. But that is what he

told Johnny because he didn’t want to admit to being a lawyer.


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