May 15

His Humans Got Him A New Cozy Bed. What They Caught This Pup Doing With It !! Brilliant

Mr. Fry knows exactly where he wants to take his afternoon nap. The Italian Greyhound-saluki mix was captured in action taking his cozy bed over to a nice, warm, sunny spot. He loves nothing more than relaxing in the sun and is always carrying his bed around to different spots. He often brings it into other rooms where people are so that he can be near them.

The friendly loveable dog lives at Sunrise Senior Living in Tucson, Arizona, where he is the resident therapy dog. The Arizona Greyhound Rescue group managed to place him in the perfect spot. He and the people he lives with find comfort in each others presence, and with his laid back, calm, relaxed demeanor, he is an ideal roommate for his senior companions. While Mr. Fry is the first therapy dog that the rescue group placed in a home, there are sure to be many more that follow in his footsteps. He sure looks happy and well-loved in his forever home!


Source: http://www.youtube.com/

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