Jan 29



An Iraqui was walking on the beach when he was approached by a man. “Say Buddy,” said the man, “How”d you like to take a cruise for $100?”

“Sure!” exclaimed the Iraqui. When he gave the man his money, the guy pulled out a black jack and hit him over the head. He pulled him down to the shore, put him in an inner tube and then shoved him off.

The next day, another Iraqui was walking on the beach, and was approached by the same man, in the same manner. Sure enough, when the second Albanian gave him his money, out came the black jack, and the second Albanian was on his way out to sea.

Several days had passed, and the two Iraquis eventually ran into one another. “Hey Buddy,” the second asked the first, “do they serve drinks on this cruise?”

“They probably won’t.” said the first, “They didn’t last year.”

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